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Plush High-Density Foam. Perfect for kids with bunk beds. 6 inches thick. Water Proof!

Kids Mattress



Medium comfort and works well for all sleeping positions. 6-8 inches thick.

Aloe Mem. Foam



Wooden bunk bed frame to go with any of the twin mattresses. Twin over twin.

Wood Bunk Bed


Metal bunk bed to go with any of the twin mattresses. Fully Slated so no bunkie board needed. Twin over Twin.

Metal Bunk Bed



Medium comfort plush pocket coil. Works well for all ages. 8 inches thick.

Pocket Coil 8"



New Ice Cold Fiber Technology making the mattress cold to the touch to help people who sweat through the night.

Sensa Flex Latex



Basic metal frame. Used to put the foundation on to create under storage.

Metal Frame


Strong grey platform bed queen. Fully Slated so no bunkie board needed.

Platform Bed



Plush pocket coil sturdy mattress. Great for all ages. 10 inches thick. 

Pocket Coil 10"



Platform bed 14 inches high with metal slats which lets you put the mattress on without needing a foundation.

Platform Bed


Basic mattress foundation. 8 inches tall. Used for raising the mattress higher off the frame.

Basic Foundation